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Gibraltar Seeks 'Free-Flowing' Spanish Border Post-Brexit

by Amanda Banks, Lowtax.net, London
19 September, 2017

Gibraltar's Deputy Chief Minister, Joseph Garcia, has said a free-flowing border between Gibraltar and Spain post-Brexit is in the best interests of all sides.

He made the comments at the annual conference of the UK Liberal Democrat Party in Bournemouth.

He said the UK is ultimately responsible for three land borders with the European Union. These are the borders between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, Gibraltar and Spain, and between the sovereign bases and the Republic of Cyprus.

Garcia explained the background to the Gibraltar border, making the point that it was already outside the EU Customs Union and that free movement of goods has never applied. This is in sharp contrast with the position in Northern Ireland, where the existence of the common travel area means the debate there is about the movement of goods more than it is about people.

He explained that over 13,000 people cross the border to work in Gibraltar every day, and nearly ten million tourists visit every year.

The Deputy Chief Minister concluded by saying Gibraltar did not want Brexit and did not vote for it. This made it all the more important to ensure that a sensible, orderly, and well-managed Brexit resolves any border challenges that present themselves, given the importance of the matter to the territory and its financial center.

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