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Gibraltar Rejects Joint Sovereignty With Spain

by Amanda Banks, Lowtax.net, London
01 June, 2016

Gibraltar's Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, has reiterated that it is not willing to consider joint sovereignty with Spain in the event the United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union.

He said his statement follows media reports that incorrectly attributed comments on joint sovereignty to Picardo. These were in fact made by Spain's Foreign Minister, José Manuel García-Margallo.

Picardo said: "We will never consider Margallo's 'joint sovereignty' price for access to the Single Market - even if there were to be a Brexit majority in the referendum - or for any other price. There is no hope ever for Spain to achieve any advances on our sovereignty. I set out the position clearly in my Ministerial Statement explaining the unprecedented unity there is on the subject of the referendum."

"In fact, as I said four years ago at the United Nations, the Spanish Government needs to wake up and smell the coffee - Gibraltar will NEVER be Spanish. End of story. Brexit or Bremain, the British sovereignty of Gibraltar is not for sale and is not at risk. Full stop."

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