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Gibraltar Reacts To Brexit

by Jason Gorringe, Lowtax.net, London
28 June, 2016

Gibraltar's Prime Minister, Fabian Picardo, has reiterated that Gibraltar will never be Spanish "in whole, in part or at all" and will never surrender sovereignty in return for access to the European Union single market.

His statement made in Gibraltar's Parliament comes in the wake of last week's referendum on the United Kingdom's (UK) membership of the European Union (EU). The people of Gibraltar voted in the referendum with 96 percent of voters choosing to remain within the EU.

Picardo said he had spoken to the UK's Minister for Europe, David Lidington, who repeated the UK's commitment that it "remains 100 percent behind Gibraltar."

Picardo said: "There are likely to be some tumultuous months ahead for Britain as it adjusts to the real impact of the decision it has taken. Northern Ireland and, of course, Scotland are also affected as nations that voted to remain in the European Union. Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man did not vote in the referendum but have access to the Single Market via the United Kingdom. Theirs is a model of success based on different degrees of access to the EU to ours. I have already scheduled calls with the leaders of each of these nations and Crown Dependencies."

"In addition I have been in touch with other Overseas Territories' leaders with whom we will also work at this time. The change which is heralded by this result will bring uncertainty - of that there is no doubt. But of course there will be benefits as well as burdens and we are clear and determined to capitalize on those benefits."

Picardo said that he had "been hugely encouraged by the support already expressed by a number of gaming companies," who confirmed that the UK's decision to leave the EU did "not change their commitment to remaining in Gibraltar."

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