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Gibraltar Improves Employment Tribunal System

by Jason Gorringe, Lowtax.net, London
09 May, 2016

Gibraltar is reforming its employment law and replacing its current Industrial Tribunal with a new Employment Tribunal.

The reforms are intended to make the new Tribunal accessible to persons without substantial funds, whether they be employers or employees.

There will be no fees to commence or defend proceedings or to allow for the payment of deposits. The reforms speed up the Tribunal process by ensuring effective case management powers and guaranteeing free, compulsory mediation.

Gibraltar's Minister for Business and Employment, Neil Costa, commented: "The new legislative architecture is designed to provide a clear adjudication process to the benefit of the parties before the Employment Tribunal … In accordance with our electoral pledge, compulsory mediation is introduced at no cost to the parties in dispute, with the hope that some parties will settle their dispute without the need for a full hearing. Naturally, there will be no fees required to be paid by a person filing a claim or response."

"The reform will also see the introduction of a new claim and response form and detailed guidelines aimed at easing the burden of initiating or defending a claim."

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