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Dixcart Publishes Cyprus Citizenship Guide

by Ulrika Lomas, Lowtax.net, Brussels
23 February, 2015

Dixcart, a professional advisory firm, has published a new guide on the benefits of obtaining citizenship from Cyprus through its Citizenship By Investment scheme, and the benefits for expats of the territory's membership of the EU.

The program grants applicants the right to obtain a Cypriot passport without needing to visit Cyprus. Applicants must invest at least EUR5m (USD5.65m) for a fixed term of three years in a Cypriot bank, but various other investment options exist, the report explains.

In all cases, applicants must purchase or rent a home in Cyprus worth at least EUR500,000 and be of good character and without a criminal record.

Under the fast-track route, applicants can receive a passport within six months and two weeks of making an application.

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