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DeMontford Bell Expands Malta Operations

by Jason Gorringe, Lowtax.net, London
15 July, 2015

DeMontford Bell, the UK-headquartered financial introducer, has announced that it is to expand its permanent operations in Malta to support the high volume of business migrating there.

The firm, which focuses on compliant EU-centric tax planning, recently also reported exceptional Q1 and Q2 growth especially in the e-commerce and regulatory sectors (such as obtaining licensing for collective investments funds and online gaming companies).

Wendy Funes Betancourt, Head of Group Media, said: "We have seen a huge amount of migration into Malta to take advantage of its attractive five percent tax rate, the lowest in the EU. Apart from the low tax rate the fact that Malta is English-speaking with a strong Anglo-Saxon work ethic also makes it popular on both sides of the Atlantic."

"Other areas where we have seen strong growth include Gibraltar and the Isle of Man, though Malta seems to be eclipsing the more traditional offshore territories, especially in light of the recent EU tax blacklist."

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