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Crown Dependencies Discuss 'Brexit' With UK, Ireland

by Jason Gorringe, Lowtax.net, London
26 July, 2016

The Chief Ministers of Guernsey, Jersey, and the Isle of Man recently took part in a British-Irish Council meeting to discuss key issues following the Brexit vote.

They discussed with the UK and Ireland the economy and trade, travel policies and restrictions, and their future relationship with Europe.

Representatives discussed their expectations of the impact of the UK leaving the European Union for their territory and agreed that the BIC is an important way of maintaining strong relationships between the sovereign governments, devolved administrations, and Crown Dependencies during this period of uncertainty.

Guernsey's Chief Minister, Gavin St Pier, said: "The Extraordinary Summit provided the opportunity for Guernsey to understand the evolving dynamics of the British constitution at first hand following the leave vote and this opportunity was invaluable. Of course, the UK has a clear constitutional duty to represent Guernsey's interests as well as to support Guernsey in its developing international identity and it is vital that this is well understood by the new UK Government when it is negotiating its own way out of the EU and renegotiating any future trading relationships.

The Isle of Man's Chief Minister, Allan Bell, said: "It is vital for the Isle of Man to stay as close as possible to developments following the vote for the UK to leave the EU. We are in uncharted waters and the island must draw on the strength of its external relationships to protect its position as the implications of Brexit become clearer. Events have been rapidly unfolding over the past month and we have witnessed dramatic changes to Britain's political and economic landscape. The Extraordinary BIC Summit provided an opportunity for member administrations to take stock and to discuss our common priorities."

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