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Barbados Seeks Double Tax Pact With Israel

by Mike Godfrey, Lowtax.net, Washington
26 January, 2015

Barbados is seeking to expand its large double tax agreement network with a new agreement to be negotiated with Israel.

The prospect of an agreement was discussed between Israeli Ambassador to Barbados Mordehai Bivas and Barbados Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Maxine McClean. A draft DTA is being prepared by Israel's Finance Ministry, Bivas confirmed.

During the meeting, McClean said: "One of the things that I hope we can also pursue is our interest in negotiating a double taxation agreement because that creates for our business community another mechanism for strengthening our relations."

"With a DTA, given our network of agreements, business persons from your country, for example, who could utilize our jurisdiction, can also work with other countries with which we have similar agreements."

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