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Anguilla To Pursue Tax Reform But Not This Year

by Mike Godfrey, Lowtax.net, Washington
05 May, 2017

Anguilla's Chief Minister and Finance Minister, Victor Banks, said no new taxes will be implemented in 2017.

In the territory's Budget for this year, he estimated that the main contributors to the territory's overall revenue in 2017 will come from duties (32.3 percent), with taxes on domestic goods and services (including accommodation tax and stamp duty) making up a further 23.2 percent of revenue. Property tax, and taxes on international trade and transactions will also be major sources of revenue.

Looking ahead, Banks said his Government is committed to fulfilling its promise to implement a comprehensive fiscal reform program. He said his administration intends to "aggressively pursue the permanent residency for investment regime," in an effort to diversify the island's revenue streams and stimulate its economy.

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