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Anguilla To Introduce GST From 2017

by Mike Godfrey, Lowtax.net, Washington
19 July, 2016

In the territory's 2016 Budget, Caribbean territory Anguilla confirmed that it will introduce a goods and services tax from 2017.

Anguilla has now confirmed its previously announced Budget plans, after approval from the UK Government.

GST will be introduced alongside customs duty reform, which will involve broad reductions to rates. According to the Budget, to date, a VAT Implementation Team has been established and training has taken place. A rate analysis study has been conducted, VAT legislation drafted, and a list of potential taxpayers has been compiled.

Anguilla is also currently undertaking reform of the property tax system and will next year transition to a new Social Development Levy to fund a National Health Fund system.

New tax increases announced in the Budget include a Petroleum Gross Revenue Tax of 0.85 percent and a doubling of land registry fees. The Marketing Levy, on tourism, will triple to XCD3 (USD1.11) per night per person. A new Training Levy at 10 percent of work permit fees will be introduced and the Communication Levy will rise from 10 percent to 15 percent.

The Government intends to implement a number of initiatives to generate significant revenues including a Fisheries Licencing Regime, a Permanent Residency for Investment Regime, and an Aircraft and Ships Registry.

With the revenues derived from these initiatives, the Government intends to reduce and/or eliminate some of the stop-gap and ad hoc measures which have been introduced over the years (for instance, the six percent customs surcharge).

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