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Andorra To Revise Taxation For Corporate Mergers

by Lorys Charalambous, Lowtax.net, Cyprus
11 November, 2015

Andorra is looking to implement new legislation to reduce taxation arising from mergers, spin-offs, and other corporate restructurings.

Andorra's Head of Government, Antoni Martí, confirmed the plans at the 14th Andorra Family Business Forum, while pointing out that the jurisdiction's current tax model does not include provisions for corporate restructurings.

With the focus of the Forum being on "sustainability", Martí spoke of his desire to create a tax-neutral system to maintain the competitiveness of Andorran companies. He also stated that mergers, spin-offs, and other corporate restructurings can be necessary operations, and that taxation should not be an obstacle for companies looking to undertake such processes.

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