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Andorra Reminds Taxpayers Of Registration Fee Due

by Ulrika Lomas, Lowtax.net, Brussels
19 May, 2014

Andorran Economy Minister Jordi Alcobé has announced that payment of this year's registration fee for economic operators (Taxa sobre el Registre de Titulars d'Activitats Econòmiques) in Andorra is due shortly.

Alcobé confirmed that taxpayers required to settle the annual charge in 2014 are companies listed in the nation's Mercantile Company Register (Registre de Societats Mercantils) that have not been liquidated, businesses registered in the Trade Register (Registre de Comerç) that are still trading, and qualified professionals entered in the Register of Qualified Professionals, Colleges, and Associations (Registre de Professionals Titulats, Collegis i Associacions).

He noted that the law governing the registration fee was newly modified following changes to the territory's trade law and the law on liberal professionals, colleges, and professional associations.

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