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Andorra Continues To Pursue Tax Transparency

by Ulrika Lomas, Lowtax.net, Brussels
24 June, 2015

Andorra's Prime Minister, Antoni Marti, has affirmed his commitment to tax transparency and exchanging information with other countries' tax authorities.

Marti noted that the progress achieved by Andorra so far in this area has yielded a marked increase in foreign investment from the countries with which tax information exchange agreements have been signed. He said the Government intends to pursue further agreements, in particular with EU states, to establish greater access to foreign markets.

However, he noted Andorra's inclusion on the EU blacklist of tax havens and highlighted that the territory is working to see itself removed from this list. He said Andorra's inclusion on Spain's blacklist is an error, since the two countries have concluded a double tax agreement. In addition, a tax information exchange agreement was signed recently with Italy.

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