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Vanuatu: Offshore Business Sectors

Trust Management

Trust management companies in Vanuatu are regulated by the Trust Companies Act Cap 69. Licenses, which are required for any company acting as trustee, executor or trust administrators, are issued by the Financial Services Commission.

Trust managers in Vanuatu need to be incorporated as 'local' companies under the Companies Act (see Forms of Company), since International Companies are not permitted to engage in trust management activity, although they can hold the shares of a company that does.

To qualify for a licence, a trust management company must have:

  • minimum paid-up capital of VT12.5 m if its head office is in Vanuatu, or VT50m if not;
  • either a head office or a principal office in Vanuatu;
  • at least two corporate officers resident in Vanuatu.

The annual fee for a trust management license is VT200,000 (at the time of writing).



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