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Vanuatu: Country and Foreign Investment

Entry and Residence

Employment and residence by non-Vanuatu citizens requires permits. These are normally given to skilled workers or to those who have substantial funds to invest. Applications for residency permits are normally made concurrently with work permits. A residency permit is required by anyone who stays in Vanuatu for longer than seven months in any one year.

Standard Residence Permits are issued initially for a duration of one year subject to annual renewal. The fee of VT57,600 is payable to the Immigration Office upon submission of the completed application form.

Residence Permits may also be issued to potential investors who wish to undertake businesses in the country. The potential Investors must first obtain an approval for such business from the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority Board (VIPA). Residence Permits are normally issued for one year in the first instance but may be renewed provided that the conditions under which they were first issued remain the same.

Persons wishing to visit Vanuatu for a holiday, to see relatives or research the possibility of starting a business or for the furtherance of businesses carried on outside Vanuatu (i.e. sales representatives etc.) may be issued with Visitors Permits on arrival provided they are in possession of a confirmed onward or return ticket to a place to which entry is authorised, have sufficient funds to support themselves and a valid passport.

Retirement residency permits are given to persons who can prove monthly revenue transfer to Vanuatu from a local commercial bank. A minimum of VT150,000 (VT300,000 for married couples) is required. The Following certification is also required: Police Clearance from country of origin (Statutory declaration); Birth Certificate; Number of dependents, gender & birth certificate; Certificate of incorporation from VFSC; Divorce certificate if relevant; Medical Certificate; Married certificate if any; Copy of passport; VIPA certificate; Passport photos.

Long-Term Residency Permit applicants must pledge to invest a minimum amount in Vanuatu, depending on the length of permit, as follows:

Residency Permit Investment Value Total Fees
5 years VT25 million VT130,000
10 years VT50 million VT230,000
15 years VT100 million VT330,000

Investors who wish to be self-employed in Vanuatu may be granted a residency permit with an investment of only VT5 million.

Permanent residence in Vanuatu can only be given to citizens of Vanuatu. Non-citizens who have resided continuously for 10 years in the Republic may apply for citizenship by naturalisation.

Residents of the following countries are not required to obtain a visa for stays of less than 30 days: all EU countries, all Commonwealth countries, Austria, Bermuda, Cameroon, China, Dependencies of United Kingdom, Dependencies of France, Brazil, Mexico, Tunisia, Peru, Finland, Japan, South Korea, Maldives, Marshall Island, Federated States of Micronesia, Norway, Chile, Morocco, Russian Federation, United Arab Emirates, Palau, Philippines, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Unites States of America, Kuwait, Poland, South Africa, The Vatican.

All questions regarding visas should be addressed to: Principal Immigration Officer, Immigration Department, PMB 0092, Port Vila, Phone:+678 22354, Fax +678 25492.



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