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Taiwan Business, Taxation and Offshore Information

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Taiwan – An investment-friendly country for foreign investors

Taiwan, the Republic of China (hereinafter "Taiwan"), is an investment-friendly country for foreign investors. Taiwan not only offers attractive taxation and incentives for new investment, but also has high-quality human resources, a transparent and well-developed regulatory system, as well as a robust industrial foundation. These factors combine to make Taiwan an excellent and competitive location for investors to establish operation centers, R&D centers, logistics centers or manufacturing plants. Furthermore, Taiwan has a liberalized commercial system with substantial purchasing power. It is an attractive market for foreign investors that wish to set up distribution channels, tourism/recreation facilities or retail stores selling a variety of products and providing customer services. More »


Taiwan Knowledge Base

Taiwan: Country and Foreign Investment
A quick overview of Taiwan - its history, geography, and business advantages.
Taiwan Executive Summary »
Taiwan Geography »
Taiwan Population, Language and Culture »
Taiwan Economy and Currency »
Taiwan Entry and Residence »
Taiwan Foreign Investment »

Taiwan: Types of Company
A look at various types of company in Taiwan, providing options to suit different business needs.
Taiwan Company Introduction »
Business »
Company »
Limited Partnership »
Representative Office »
Branch Office of a Foreign Company »
Branch Office of a Foreign Limited Partnership »

Taiwan: Legal Regulations
This section looks at the legal regulations pertinent to starting a business in Taiwan.
Investment Laws and Regulations »

Taiwan: Labour Regulations
An analysis of employment law, industrial relations, and social security schemes in Taiwan.
Employment of Foreigners »
Employment of Professionals from Foreign Countries or Mainland China »
Industrial Relations »

Taiwan: Domestic Corporate Taxation
A guide detailing the scope and rate of taxes affecting companies in Taiwan.
Taiwan Tax System »
National Taxes »
Local Taxes »

Taiwan: Double Tax Treaties
Treaties and international agreements that Taiwan has in place, to mitigate the effects of double taxation.
Taiwan Tax Treaty Introduction »
Taiwan Tax Treaty Policy »
Taiwan List Of The Tax Treaties »
Taiwan Dividends, Interest And Royalties »
Application For The Benefits Under Double Taxation Agreements »

Taiwan: Related Information
Other useful information pertinent to Taiwan.
Map of Taiwan »