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Switzerland: Domestic Corporate Taxation

Scope of Corporation Tax

For corporate income tax purposes a company is deemed resident in Switzerland if it is either incorporated in Switzerland or effectively managed from there. Thus a UK-registered company whose effective seat of management is in Switzerland is a Swiss resident company for corporate income tax purposes.

The general assessment rule is that resident companies are assessed on their worldwide income except for profits generated by enterprises, permanent establishments and real estate situated abroad, whereas non-resident companies are only assessed on profit generated by enterprises, real estate and permanent establishments situated in Switzerland as well as interest on loans secured on Swiss real estate.

Corporate income tax is levied at a federal, cantonal and communal level. The level of corporate income tax payable varies amongst the cantons but at present Zug and Fribourg are considered the best cantons in which to locate trading and holding companies respectively. Corporate income tax payable to the federal authorities may be tax deductible for the purposes of an assessment to cantonal corporate income tax and vice versa.

Advance tax rulings on the level of corporate income tax payable are available and are advised as a matter of prudence. Generally speaking capital gains are taxed as corporate income at federal, cantonal and municipal levels.

The Swiss branch of a foreign company pays the same rates of corporate income tax on profits, income and capital gains as would be paid by a Swiss-resident corporate entity. Profits remitted abroad by the branch are not subject to any tax in Switzerland. See Offshore Legal and Taxation Regimes for details of the taxation of Holding, Domiciliary, Auxiliary, Mixed and Service Companies.



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