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Slovenia: Personal Taxation

Rates of Income Tax

Income tax rates for individuals are scaled according to level of income. For income up to EUR7,841 the rate is 16%; income between EUR7,841 and EUR18,534 is taxed at 27%; and any income over EUR18,534 is taxed at 41%. For the 2013 and 2014 tax years, an additional tax bracket for income EUR69,313 has been temporarily introduced. Income above this level will be subject to a tax rate of 50%.

Tax of 20% is payable on interest and dividends. Whether resident or not, an individual will pay this rate of tax and not be subject to further tax on these sources of income. There is also capital gains tax of between 5% and 20%, depending on how long the individual has held the asset.

There are tax allowances of between EUR3,228.45 and EUR6,373.24, depending on level of income – the lower the income, the higher the allowance. Further allowances are given to disabled people and residents who are aged 65 or over.



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