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Slovenia: Types Of Company

Limited Liability Company

A Limited Liability Company is comprised of capital in the form of shares owned by partners. This type of company is liable for all of its assets, though the shareholders are not liable for the company’s legal obligations. The legal status of a Limited Liability Company is obtained via court registration.

A Limited Liability Company may be formed by one or more partners, whether they are Slovenian nationals or foreign investors, up to a maximum of 50 partners. Approval is required from the Ministry of Economic Affairs if more than 50 partners are to form the company. The company may be registered online, making it easier to register this type of company, although this facility is only available for a company with up to two shareholders. Registering for tax and compulsory health insurance may be done at the same time as registration. The procedure for "one-stop" registration typically takes between two and five days, and there is no charge for this service. The cost of notarising the documentation to set up the company varies up to EUR500 and again will typically take between two and five days.

The initial capital must be lodged with a Slovenian bank to establish a temporary account in which to deposit the new capital; the minimum start-up capital is EUR7,500. A shareholder's minimum holding is EUR50; at least 25% of each shareholder’s cash contribution must be paid up before registration. There is no restriction on the amount of cash used to form the initial capital.



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