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Slovenia: Country and Foreign Investment


Slovenia is a Central European country, with a total land area of 20,273 sq km and an Adriatic coastline of only 46.6 km. Slovenia shares borders with four other countries: Italy to the west; Austria to the north; Hungary to the north-east; and Croatia to the south and south-east.

The terrain consists mostly of hills and mountains, with around 90% of the country at 200 metres or more above sea level. Natural resources include lignite coal, lead, zinc, hydropower, building stone and forests; around a quarter of land use is agricultural; over 60% is forest. Slovenia benefits from a Mediterranean climate on the coast, while to the east summers are hot and winters cold on the plateaux and in the valleys.

The capital is Ljubljana. Slovenia’s main commercial port is Koper, which is an important seaport for the landlocked Central European countries.



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