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Slovakia: Double Tax Treaties


A double tax treaty allows that tax paid can be offset in one of two countries against tax payable in the other, thus avoiding double taxation. Slovakia is a signatory to double tax treaties with several countries throughout the world. Some forms of income are exempt from tax or qualify for reduced rates. These include royalties, dividends and capital gains.

Latest Slovakia Treaty Updates

Treaty Update: Slovakia - United Arab Emirates
30 December, 2015
Slovakia and the United Arab Emirates signed a DTA on December 22, 2015.
Treaty Update: Barbados - Slovakia
10 November, 2015
Barbados and Slovakia signed a DTA on October 28, 2015.
Treaty Update: Armenia - Slovakia
05 June, 2015
Armenia and Slovakia signed a DTA on May 15, 2015, Armenia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed.
Treaty Update: Malaysia - Slovakia
03 June, 2015
Malaysia and Slovakia signed a DTA on May 25, 2015.
Treaty Update: Guernsey - Slovakia
23 January, 2015
The TIEA signed between Guernsey and Slovakia will come into force on January 26, 2015.
Treaty Update: Slovakia - Czech Republic
20 November, 2014
The Slovak Republic signed a TIEA with the Czech Republic on November 13, 2014.
Treaty Update: Slovakia - Poland
17 July, 2013
According to preliminary media reports, the Slovakian Government on July 10, 2013, approved the signing of a Protocol with Poland to amend their 1994 DTA.
Treaty Update: Armenia - Slovakia
18 December, 2012
Armenia and Slovakia concluded four-day negotiations towards a DTA on December 6, 2012, the Armenian tax authority has announced.
Treaty Update: Kuwait - Slovakia
16 November, 2012
Kuwait's state news broadcaster has confirmed that the nation signed a DTA with Slovakia on November 14, 2012.
Treaty Update: Switzerland - Slovakia
05 September, 2012
The tax information exchange provisions in the DTA Protocol that recently entered into force between Switzerland and Slovakia became effective as of September 1, 2012. The other provisions, such as those relating to withholding taxes, will be effective from January 1, 2013.
Treaty Update: Slovakia - Switzerland
24 August, 2012
According to preliminary media reports, the Protocol signed to update the DTA between Switzerland and Slovakia entered into force on August 8, 2012, and will be effective from January 1, 2013.
Treaty Update: Barbados - Slovakia
25 July, 2012
According to preliminary media reports, Slovakia and Barbados initialled a DTA on July 19, 2012.
Treaty Update: Georgia - Slovakia
08 June, 2012
According to preliminary media reports, on April 5, 2012, Slovakia ratified the DTA signed between Slovakia and Georgia.
Treaty Update: Georgia - Slovakia
08 November, 2011
A DTA was signed between Georgia and Slovakia in Bratislava on October 27, 2011.
Treaty Update: Switzerland - Slovakia
01 June, 2011
The DTA evises the previous treaty, and provides for the exchange of information to the OECD standard. Dividends paid from meaningful stakes (10%), and dividends paid to pension funds, the government and central banks of the states, are exempt from tax at source. Interest withholding tax is reduced from 10% to 5%. An arbitration clause was also added.
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