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Singapore: Labour Regulation

Work Permits

TThose wishing to work in Singapore require a work pass, which can be one of the following:

  • Employment pass – for foreigners earning a fixed monthly salary of more than SGD2,500 and having recognised qualifications.
  • Personalised employment pass – for either overseas foreign professionals whose last drawn monthly salary overseas was at least SGD7,000; foreign graduates from institutions of higher learning in Singapore; and those who currently hold an employment pass.
  • S pass – for mid-level skilled foreigners earning a fixed monthly salary of at least SGD1,800.
  • Work permit – for unskilled foreign workers.
  • Dependant’s pass – Employment Pass and certain S Pass holders can apply for this pass for their spouse and for unmarried or legally adopted children under age 21 to live with them in Singapore.

There are various other work passes, including for employment of foreign students, training employment, the work holiday programme and work passes for foreign spouses of Singaporean citizens.

Work permits are issued by the Ministry of Manpower. An administrative fee of SGD10 is charged for every work permit application submitted. Applications can be made via WP Online, via an employment agency, or manually.

Foreign visitors seeking employment in Singapore can apply for a one-year, non-renewable visit pass. Fees are SGD30 for processing, SGD60 for issuance, and SGD40 where an extension is applied for. If a visa is required, there is an additional fee of SGD30. Processing time is around four weeks.



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