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Singapore: Domestic Corporate Taxation

Withholding Tax

In the case of payments to non-residents or non-resident companies, tax must generally be withheld as follows:

Tax rate
Nature of income
  • Interest, commission, fee or other payment in connection with any loan or indebtedness;
  • Rent or other payments for use of movable properties
  • Proceeds from sale of any real property by a non-resident property trader
  • Royalty or other lump sum payments for use of movable properties
  • Payment for use of or right to use scientific, technical, industrial or commercial knowledge or information
  • Distribution made by REIT to unitholder who is a non-resident other than an individual
17% (standard corporate income tax rate)
  • Technical assistance and service fees
  • Management fees
0% - 3%
  • Time charter and voyage charter fees
  • Bareboat charter fees

Withholding taxes may be reduced or eliminated where a double tax treaty is in place. Such taxes must be paid to the IRAS by the 15th of the month following the date of the payment to the non-resident.



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