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Singapore: Country and Foreign Investment


Singapore lies just north of the Equator, between Malaysia and Indonesia. The country consists of one large island and around 60 islets. The main island comprises low, rounded hills and water reservoirs in its centre, low ridges to the west and south-west, and is flat to the east and south-east. Short, narrow streams flow from the central hills and onward to the sea through mangrove swamps.

The highest point is Bukit Timah at 545 feet (166 metres); the lowest point is the Singapore Strait, at 0 feet. Total land area is 269 sq miles (697 sq km), of which only 3.9 sq miles (10 sq km) is water. Singapore’s only natural resources are deepwater ports and fish.

The climate is hot and very humid, with two monsoon periods: from December to March (north-eastern monsoon), and from June to September (the south-western monsoon). Between the monsoon periods, there are frequent afternoon and evening thunderstorms.



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