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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Country and Foreign Investment

Entry and Residence

All visitors must have valid passports and a return or ongoing ticket. However, nationals of Canada, UK and the USA need only proof of citizenship (a valid or expired passport, certified birth certificate or Certificate of Naturalization and photo identification) along with an onward/return ticket and/or proof of sufficient funds. Travelers must pay a departure tax.

The ownership of land by foreigners is governed by the Aliens Holding Ordinance. All foreign nationals wishing to acquire land in the state must obtain a license from the Government. License applications fall into two categories: those involving an acre of land or less; and those involving more than one acre of land. For an acre of land, the application must contain an approved plan for development and an execution of conveyance; conveyancing must be completed within 6 months. For more than one acre of land, you must provide a development plan for the entire area; physical and architectural aspects; details of financing; and the labour force to be employed.



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