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Saint Kitts: Country and Foreign Investment

Business Environment

Cable & Wireless (Saint Kitts-Nevis) Ltd is a joint venture between Cable & Wireless and the Saint Kitts-Nevis Government, providing all domestic and international telecommunications services to the islands, with digitalization using fiber optic cables. Services offered include Direct Dialing, Leased Circuits, Internet, CLASS Services and Voice Mail. ISDN is available on request. Cable and Wireless Caribbean Cellular (Saint Kitts) Ltd. provides cellular phone service.

Inter island links to Antigua and Barbuda and Saint Martin (Guadeloupe and Netherlands Antilles) are handled by VHF/UHF/SHF radiotelephone international: international calls are carried by radiotelephone to Antigua and Barbuda and switched there to submarine cable or to Intelsat; or carried to Saint Martin (Guadeloupe and Netherlands Antilles) by radiotelephone and switched to Intelsat.

The Government runs a 39-channel cable television service that broadcasts daily news programs from North America and England via satellite. Three local newspapers are published: the weekly "Democrat" and "Observer" and the twice-weekly "Labor Spokesman". Tap water is rated as being of high quality and is considered safe to drink. Saint Kitts can also provide excellent and luxurious conference facilities at the Fort Thomas Hotel, Horizon Villa Resort, and Ocean Terrace Inn, all offering modern electronic equipment for meetings.

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and The Eastern Home Mortgage Bank are headquartered in Saint Kitts. There are several accounting firms and law firms of international standing. A full range of legal, accounting, management and trust company services are available.

There are no exchange controls in Nevis and the invoicing of foreign trade transactions may be made in any currency. Importers are not required to make prior deposits in local funds and export proceeds do not have to be surrendered to Government authorities or to authorised banks. There are no controls on transfers of funds. The Government of Nevis guarantees the free transfers of profits and repatriation of capital.



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