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Russia: Domestic Taxation

Reporting And Payment Of Tax

Taxpayers must submit quarterly tax returns within 28 days of the end of a quarter, and annual tax returns by 28th March of the following year. Russian companies with offices in more than one tax district have to register a separate subdivision and file separate tax returns in each district. They must also allocate taxable profits between the head office and the "separate subdivisions" in different regions. The apportionment should be based on net book value of fixed assets or the number of employees on the payroll.

Profits tax can be paid on either a monthly or quarterly basis. If a monthly basis is used, the profits tax is paid 28 days after the end of the month based on actual profit. Quarterly payments are due 28 days after the end of the quarter based on actual profit, however, monthly advance payments which are due on the 28th of each month of the quarter and are equal to one-third of the total advance payments for the preceding quarter are still required.

Certain types of taxpayers, including PEs of foreign legal entities, are exempt from the obligation to make monthly advance payments within each quarter and, hence, make quarterly tax payments only.



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