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Romania: Types of Company

Company Forms

Various company forms are available in Romania, including the Limited Liability Company (SRL), the Joint Stock Company (SA), the General Partnership (SNC), Limited Partnership (SCS), and Partnership Limited by Shares (SCA). Sole Proprietorships, Family Associations, and Branches also exist, although the latter does not have a legal personality distinct from that of its parent company.

The most commonly used company for resident businesses is the Limited Liability Company (or Societate cu Raspundere Limitata), which must have minimum authorised share capital of RON200, and can have just one shareholder. SRLs can offer various classes of shares, including registered, preference, with voting rights, without voting rights, and redeemable.

A Joint Stock Company (or Societate pe Actiuni), meanwhile, must have at least one director and five shareholders, and has a minimum authorised share capital requirement of RON 90,000.



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