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Qatar: Domestic Corporate Taxation

Import Duty

This page was last updated on 23 September 2020.

Import duties are charged on goods brought into Qatar for onward sale, as follows:

Category Rate
Items in general 5%
Records and musical instruments 15%
Cement, iron bars and steel 20%
Urea 30%
Alcohol, tobacco & pork products 100%

Certain staple food products, equipment, materials and other supplies belonging to government entities or state companies and personal effects of foreign employees arriving in Qatar for the purposes of residence are exempt from import duty. Sales of alcohol, tobacco and pork products are tightly restricted and are only permitted to non-Muslims.

Goods manufactured in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and imported into Qatar are also exempt from such duties, provided they are accompanied by a certificate of origin from the Chamber of Commerce of the GCC.

Individual importers must be of Qatari nationality; most businesses that import goods must be wholly owned by Qataris.



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