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Qatar: Country and Foreign Investment

Economy and Currency

This page was last updated on 23 September 2020.

The economy is largely centred on Qatar’s oil and gas reserves, with oil production accounting for more than 70% of government revenue. Qatar’s proven gas reserves are the world’s third largest. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports exceed 31 million tonnes per year.

Non-oil and gas sectors include finance, insurance, property, building and construction, tourism, transport and communications. The Qatar Investment Promotion Department states that these sectors contributed 43.5% of total GDP in 2007.

The total nominal GDP was US$192 billion in 2019 (PPP was $366 billion). Per capita GDP at PPP is among the world’s highest, at $132,900 in 2019.

The currency is the Qatari riyal (QR), which is made up of 100 dirhams and is pegged with the US Dollar at US$1 = QR3.64.



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