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Poland: Country and Foreign Investment

Internet and Telecommunications

Liberalisation of the Polish telecoms market was completed in 2003, although the former state-owned provider, Telekomunikacja Polska still dominates the fixed line market, the infrastructure for which is still lacking in rural areas. According to international estimates, there were more than 10 million lines in use in 2007. This figure dropped to around 6.85 million in 2011.

The value of the telecommunication market was reportedly PLN38.2bn in 2006, growing by 12.4% in 2007.

The domestic mobile-cellular service has been in place since 1993, and at the time of writing, there are only a few mobile phone network providers (just four in 2007). There were reportedly in excess of 41 million mobile phones in use in Poland in 2007, by 2011 this figure had risen to around 50 million.

Coverage with regard to cellular phones is generally good, although there are some areas in the east of the country that are still not particularly well served.

According to various sources, internet access in Poland is amongst the most expensive in Europe, which possibly accounts for broadband penetration figures for 2008 of just 20 million. Nevertheless, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are gaining in popularity in Poland.

The broadcasting market in Poland, meanwhile, is the largest in the Central and Eastern European region, with freedom of information permitted, subject to certain restrictions (mainly to do with certain types of commentary on the government).

Public broadcaster, TVP operates two national channels, regional programming, and the international satellite channel TV Polonia. Polsat and TVN operate the leading commercial TV channels, with the former also offering a digital pay-TV platform. A further pay-TV platform is provided by Cyfra+.



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