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Panama: Types of Company

Limited Partnership

Limited partnerships (sociedad de responsibilidad limitada) are governed by the Commercial Code and Law No 24 of 1966. Such a partnership may have between two and twenty partners. There is no restriction on the nationality of the partners or their domicile. Capital must be between US$2,000 and US$500,000. The names of the partners must be registered in the Public Registry Office along with details of the amount of capital committed and paid in (in cash or kind) by each of them. The liability of each partner for the debts of the partnership is limited to the amount subscribed to but unpaid.

The partners can appoint an independent administrator for the partnership whose name must also be registered.

A limited partnership with up to 5 members is not obliged to hold meetings. Otherwise, the partners must meet at least once each year. There is no requirement for annual returns or the filing of accounts.

An Individual Limited Proprietorship (empresa individual de responsibilidad limitada) is set up in the same way as a limited partnership with the exception that there is only one member. Details must be recorded at the Public Registry. The sole proprietor transfers assets to the business for the purpose of trading. The business liability of the proprietor is then limited to the amount of the assets committed.



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