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Panama: Offshore Business Sectors


Insurance companies in Panama are supervised by the Superintendent of Insurance and Reinsurance at Panama's Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Licences to operate a captive are issued by the Superintendent, but only a handful of companies have taken them up.

A license application requires the following documents:

  • A notarised Spanish translation of the Articles of Association;
  • A Board minute authorising the Panamian registration;
  • Copies of the most recent financial statements;
  • A certificate from a Panamian Consul confirming that the company is organised according to the laws of its place of incorporation;
  • Notification of the allocation of capital to the Panamian operation;
  • Banking and personal references for shareholders and directors;
  • A technical report on the business proposed to be undertaken;
  • Registration fee of US$1,000

Ongoing annual license fees of US$2,000 per annum are payable, as well as the regular US$150 incorporation fee. General insurers need paid up capital of US$150,000; long-term insurers need minimum paid-up capital of of US$250,000.

Profits made from external insurance activity will not be subject to taxation; see Offshore Legal and Tax Regimes for further information.



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