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Panama: Country and Foreign Investment


The Republic of Panama lies in Central America between the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. There are land borders of 225 km with Columbia (on the west) and 330 km with Costa Rica (on the east). The land area totals 75,990 sq km. The capital is Panama City. The Panama Canal links the North Atlantic Ocean via the Caribbean Sea with the North Pacific Ocean.

The topography is varied. There are mountains towards the Caribbean coast, while small hills and vast plains lie towards the Pacific side. The climate is tropical with prolonged rainy periods between May and January. There is a brief dry season between January and May.

The highest point is Volcan de Chiriqui at 3,475 m. Panama's natural resources include copper among other minerals, mahogany forests and fish, especially shrimp.

Panama's international airport in connected by many international carriers to most world centres. There are two ports, Balboa and Cristobal (at either end of the canal). The time zone is 5 hours behind GMT (= US Eastern time).



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