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Panama: Types of Company


The Private Foundation Law 1995 governs private foundations in Panama. Unlike the common law trust, the foundation is an autonomous legal entity with no members or shareholders. It is generally used for the protection of assets and no business activities are permitted.

The founder establishes the foundation by depositing a notarised private foundation charter at the Public Registry; or the Charter can be executed before the Notary Public. The Charter must specify the names of the Foundation Council (who administer the foundation on behalf of the beneficiaries), the property of the Foundation, its domicile, the name of its Panamanian agent and other details; but the names of beneficiaries and principles of operation can be contained in separate Regulations which do not need to be filed.

The minimum capital requirement is US$10,000. No accounts are necessary and an audit is not required. As with all Panamanian entities, tax is only levied on income generated within Panama. Foundations are subject to the same capital taxes (minimum US$60) and annual registration fees of US$350 as are Corporations. See Offshore Legal and Tax Regimes for further details.

Panamanian law specifically excludes the operation of foreign 'forced heirship' rules or judgements against foundation assets. Panama itself has abandoned these typical civil law provisions in its own legislation.



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