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Panama: Types of Company

Foreign Corporation

A foreign company can be registered in Panama by depositing the following documents at the Public Registry Office:

  • A notarised Spanish translation of the Articles of Association;
  • A Board minute authorising the Panamian registration;
  • Copies of the most recent financial statements;
  • A certificate from a Panamian Consul confirming that the company is organised according to the laws of its place of incorporation;
  • Notification of the allocation of capital to the Panamian operation.

Capital taxes on formation and annual registration fees are payable as for Panamanian corporations (see above).

A foreign company can transfer its 'seat' (meaning roughly speaking the place from where its directors control the company) to Panama, and will then be subject to Panamian laws regarding public policy, while remaining under its originating law in other respects. A foreign company operating in Panama but not registered there may be sued in the courts of Panama but does not have the right to sue.



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