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Nevis: Tax-Efficient Sectors

Tax Treatment of Offshore Operations

Whether under Federation legislation or Nevisian legislation, offshore entities in St. Kitts and Nevis are exempt from Corporate Income Tax, Withholding Tax and Capital Gains Tax, as long as they carry on business only with non-residents of the Federation. However, the various laws make it clear that an exempt entity does not lose its tax waivers because of certain activities within the Federation including signing contracts or concluding arrangements for employing residents, purchasing goods and services, and exercising other powers to carry on its business such as holding directors' and members' meetings, transacting banking and reinsurance business, and conducting securities transactions or serving as adviser to Federation residents who enjoy exempt status.

Nevis companies pay the following fees:

An International Business Company (Nevis) pays an annual fee of USD220 to the government (no annual return is required). Capital duty is USD200 based on an authorised share capital of 1,000 shares at no par value or on USD100,000 of par value shares.

Limited Liability Company (Nevis) pays an annual registration fee of USD220 to the government.

An International Exempt Trust (Nevis) pays an annual registration fee of USD220 to the government.

Multiform Foundation Company (Nevis) pays an annual return fee of USD220 to the government.



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