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Nevis: Personal Taxation

Property Taxes

The Nevis Property Tax Ordinance 2007 was passed by the Nevis Island Assembly in April 2008.

The Ordinance modernises the valuation property taxes of Nevis through the introduction of market value as the valuation standard for most properties on the island.

Under the Ordinance all property owners - foreign or local – must pay the tax, unless they fall into the exempt category. Any properties of the government; and properties of a statutory body other than a prescribed statutory body are exempt from the property tax. Property owned or leased by or held in trust for a religious body on which is located a building used exclusively for religious worship is also exempt.

  • Residential: Improvements 0.156%; Land 0.075%
  • Commercial: Improvements 0.3%; Land 0.2%
  • Accommodation: Improvements 0.3%; Land 0.2%
  • Certified Farming: Improvements 0%; Land 0.01%
  • Institutional: Improvements 0.2%; Land 0.15



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