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Nevis: Personal Taxation


There is no personal income tax in Nevis, but foreign nationals working in the country are required to obtain a work permit for which there is an annual charge of, at the time of writing, ECD1,500 (USD635).

Employed individuals pay 5% and their employers pay 5% of gross wages as social security contributions on salaries in excess of ECD8,000 monthly. Self-employed people pay 10%. Maximum earnings for contribution and benefit purposes equal ECD6,500 per month.

A 17% value-added tax came into force in Nevis on November 1, 2010. The VAT consolidated 12 existing taxes, the Consumption Tax, the Hotel Accommodation and Restaurant Tax, the Cable TV Tax, the Vehicle Rental Levy, the Insurance Premium Tax, the Export Duty, the Public Entertainment Tax, the Lotteries Tax, the Gaming Machine Tax, the Traders Tax, the Telecommunications Levy, the Island Enhancement Fund and the Parcel Tax.



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