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Monaco: Personal Taxation

Value Added Tax

This page was last updated on 27 February 2021.

For the purposes of VAT, goods and services supplied to or from Monaco are regarded as if they were supplied to or from France. Hence Monaco is part of the EU system of VAT and adopts the French system of collection. French customs operate the levying of VAT which relates to non-European Union transactions, while the Monégasque authorities do so for all other transactions.

The four rates of VAT are identical to those in France. The standard rate of 20% applies to most goods and services. There are two reduced rates, at 10% and 5.5%, and a super-reduced rate of 2.1%.

Supplies rated 10% include tourism, passenger transport, agriculture and forestry, animal feed and social housing. Supplies rated 5.5% include most books, gas and electricity, and food and beverages and tickets for some forms of entertainment. The super-reduced rate applies to newspapers, most medicines, TV licences and some performances.

The standard VAT rate is payable on sales of property if it was built less than 5 years ago and has never been transferred for value. Property that was built more than 5 years ago and has been purchased at least once at market value does not attract VAT.



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