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Monaco: Labour Regulation

Regulatory Environment

This page was last updated on 27 February 2021.

Employment legislation in Monaco is somewhat old-fashioned. The extensive employment protection available to EU citizens does not apply, and there is not much in the way of equivalent Monégasque law.

The great majority of workers in Monaco are not Monégasque at all, but either foreign residents or day-commuters from nearby towns in France and Italy. Such individuals do not have a strong negotiating position with their employers. Many of them are in fact on short-term contracts which can bypass what legal protection does exist. Unemployment in Monaco is low, though much of it is probably voluntary.

There are trade unions in Monaco, and they have a federation, which has called demonstrations from time to time to protest about job insecurity, hiring and firing practices and the absence of statutory protection. Demonstrators are likely to be non-Monégasque, because the original citizens, called 'feudals' by other residents, get privileged treatment and are unlikely to be discontented.

After one particularly large demonstration some years ago former Prince Rainier made some concessions, but in the main nothing changes.



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