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Monaco: Country and Foreign Investment


The principality of Monaco is an "independent" nation state situated on the French Riviera near Italy and lying some 985 kilometers south east of Paris. It is approximately 2 square kilometers in size and after the Holy See is the smallest country in the world.

Monaco is hilly, rugged and rocky with its highest point standing at 140 meters above sea level. The capital is at Monaco-Ville. Despite its size the Principality can be subdivided into 5 zones of which the most famous is Monte Carlo.

The climate is mild with the Principality enjoying more than 300 days of sunshine a year; the average temperature is 8.2ºC in winter and 25.5ºC in summer.

Monaco (like France) is on Greenwich Mean Time plus one hour in the winter and Greenwich Mean Time plus two hours in the summer. Nice airport is 22 kilometres away and can be reached by car in 30 minutes or by a special helicopter link in 6 minutes. From Nice there are regular direct flights to major European, North American and Asian cities. The Monaco-Monte Carlo (SNFC) railway station is a stop for many trains covering international routes. Access roads connect to the A8 motorway which links up with the entire European transport system.



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