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Monaco: E-Commerce


This page was last updated on 18 May 2020.

The infrastructure for large bandwidth, which is a precondition for successful e-commerce, is being developed in Monaco. E-commerce is an industry of the future and the type of economic activity that Monaco encourages being high value and environmentally friendly.

There are already a number of internet service providers in Monaco with clear interest being shown in offshore e-commerce development. The main monopolistic operator is Monaco Telecom and one of the major ISPs is Monte-Carlo Multimedia (Monte Carlo Online).

The Monaco government also said that it would forge ahead with the implementation of new communications technologies; and in 2010 Monaco Telecom announced the intended launch of its ultra-broadband internet access, giving every household a 30 Meg connection via a VDSL modem. The fast speeds of VDSL are capable of supporting high bandwidth applications such as HD, as well as telephone services and wireless Internet access over a single connection.



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