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Monaco Business, Taxation and Offshore Information

Monaco Business, Taxation and Offshore Information

Monaco occupies barely 2 sq km on the French Riviera. Only 16% of its population of 30,510 people (July 2012 est) are original Monegasques. Monaco is well-connected by air, from Nice airport (22 km distant), by rail and by road. The time is GMT +1 hour, like France.

The famous Grimaldi family has ruled since 1297 under the protection of various countries, but mostly France - the 1963 Treaty with France created a monetary union, confirmed a constitutional monarchy with French responsibility for external affairs, and subjected most French residents to tax. The elected Council has little power, with Prince Albert II equivalent to a Chief Executive. Monaco has adopted the Euro, has a civil code judicial system and its official language is French.

The economy has a normal range of activities for an advanced country, with special contributions from tourism, high-technology light industry and especially banking. However, Monaco does not want to be a tax haven, under any name, and has no 'offshore' sector as such. Like other continental jurisdictions, Monaco tends to be bureaucratic and cumbersome for international businesses. More »


Monaco Knowledge Base

Monaco: Country and Foreign Investment
A quick overview of Monaco - its history, geography, and business advantages.
Monaco Executive Summary »
Monaco Geography »
Monaco Population, Language and Culture »
Monaco Government »
Monaco Economy and Currency »
Monaco Entry and Residence »
Monaco Business Environment »
Monaco Import of Foreign Capital »
Monaco Investment Incentive Schemes »

Monaco: Types of Company
A look at various types of company in Monaco, providing options to suit different business needs.
Monaco Company Introduction »
Monaco Société Anonyme Monégasque »
Monaco Branch »
Monaco Société en Nom Collectif »
Monaco Société en Commandite Simple »
Monaco Société à Responsabilité Limitée »
Monaco Trusts »
Monaco Foundation »

Monaco: Offshore Business Sectors
The key sectors of Monaco's offshore economy.
Monaco Offshore Business Introduction »
Monaco Banking »

Monaco: E-Commerce
A description of how e-commerce operations are enabled in Monaco, and how the offshore tax regime can best be utilised for e-commerce.
Monaco E-Commerce Introduction »
Monaco Offshore Activities »

Monaco: Offshore Legal and Tax Regimes
This section looks at available offshore operations in Monaco and the criterion required for obtaining offshore tax status.
Monaco Offshore Introduction »
Monaco Corporate Fees »
Monaco Taxation of Foreign Employees of Offshore Operations »
Monaco Exchange Controls »
Monaco Offshore Operations »
Monaco Employment and Residence »

Monaco: Law of Offshore
A hub for information about the main laws and statutes affecting offshore and non-resident businesses in Monaco.
Monaco Table of Statutes »
Monaco Trust Law »

Monaco: Labour Regulation
An analysis of employment law, industrial relations, and social security schemes in Monaco.
Monaco Regulatory Environment »
Monaco Work Permits »

Monaco: Domestic Corporate Taxation
A guide detailing the scope and rate of taxes affecting companies in Monaco.
Monaco Scope of Income Tax »
Monaco Income Tax Rates »
Monaco Calculation of Taxable Base »
Monaco Filing Requirements and Payment of Tax »

Monaco: Personal Taxation
An overview of applicable taxes for individuals in Monaco.
Monaco Residence and Liability for Taxation »
Monaco Social Security Taxes »
Monaco Stamp Duty »
Monaco Inheritance and Gift Taxes »
Monaco Value Added Tax »

Monaco: Double Tax Treaties
Treaties and international agreements that Monaco has in place, to mitigate the effects of double taxation.
Monaco Tax Treaty Introduction »
Monaco Other International Treaties »

Monaco: Related Information
Other useful information pertinent to Monaco.
Map of Monaco »