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Mauritius: Country and Foreign Investment

Entry and Residence

Nationals of most OECD and a number of other countries do not need a visa and are given entry for 6 months on arrival. Visas are issued to other nationals on application. Although they are free, the application process takes about one month. As with most countries, Mauritius does not recognise passports issued by the government of Taiwan; holders of these passports must apply for an entry permit from the Passport and Immigration Officer. There is a special channel at the airport for business entrants who are involved in offshore activities.

A work permit is needed for any non-Mauritian who wants to work in the country. Permits are issued Prime Minister's Office in association with the Ministry of Human Resource Development and Reform Institutions; validity lasts from 6 months to 4 years. A refundable security deposit is to be paid when the work permit is issued. The amount of the deposit depends on the applicant's country of origin, ranging from R3,500 to R62,000. The annual cost of the work permit depends on the employment sector and ranges from R1,000 for most categories up to R100,000 for individuals engaged in horse racing.

To buy property, non-Mauritians require authority from the Prime Minister's Office. From 2008, persons are eligible for a combined work and residence permit (occupation permit) if one of the following is satisfied:

  • a turnover of more than MR4m is generated per year;
  • the monthly employment income exceeds MR60,000 per month; this is reduced to MR30,000 for professionals in the ICT sector;
  • self-employment income exceeds MR600,000 per year.



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