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Mauritius: Country and Foreign Investment

Business Environment

Mauritius is well served by business and communications infrastructure and is a dynamic economy; the government actively encourages foreign investment and offshore activity through the Board of Investment.

There is a very clear distinction between the 'onshore' and 'offshore' sectors. Foreigners need specific permission from the Prime Minister's office before they can own shares in an onshore company, while Mauritians are barred from taking part in offshore activities.

There is a wide range of investment incentives for inward investment. Free Trade Zones and a Freeport were established in 1992 enabling up to 100% foreign owned enterprises. Money laundering is discouraged by the government, as is any trade in guns or drugs.

The island republic has a good labour relations record and productivity has shown a 5% annual increase since 1994. Training and service quality are regarded as important; many Mauritian firms have adopted ISO 9000. Financial and professional services are well represented and a successful stock exchange was opened in 1989.



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