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Marshall Islands: Types of Company


Division 14 of the Marshall Islands Business Corporations Act permits companies to transfer their domicile into the Marshall Islands . The legal basis for redomiciliation was adapted from Delaware law. Upon redomiciliation, the original date of incorporation and company existence remains the same and is unaffected. Redomiciliation is currently free of charge and the company is not billed its first annual fee until one year after the redomiciliation date.

The Business Corporations Act allows a foreign corporation to redomicile to the Marshall Islands if the "transfer of domicile is not expressly prohibited under the laws of the foreign domicile".

Documentation required for re-domiciliation is as follows:

  • Signed Articles of Domestication (obtainable from the Marshall Islands Registry through International Registries, Inc. offices);
  • new Marshall Islands Articles of Incorporation;
  • a photocopy of the company's Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Association from the previous jurisdiction, and any amendments to those Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Association; and
  • a document providing evidence of corporate existence, such as a Certificate of Good Standing.

It is also possible to merge a foreign corporations with either a Marshall Islands corporation or a Marshall Islands Limited Liability Company.



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