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Marshall Islands: Domestic Corporate Taxation

Gross Revenue Tax

All business entities "doing business" in the Marshall Islands (i.e. onshore) in 2012 are subject to a gross revenue tax of 8% on the first US$6,000 of gross revenue and 12% of the gross revenue in excess of US$6,000 per year.

Gross revenue is defined as the gross receipts derived from a trade, business, commerce or sale and receipts accruing from or by reason of the capital of the business, including interest, discounts, rentals, and the like.

No deduction is given for any expenses of doing business; however, excluded from the definition of gross revenue are refunds, rebates, and returns; monies held in a fiduciary capacity; and income in the form of wages and salaries taxed under the Income Tax Act 1989, as amended.

The gross revenue tax is assessed and collected quarterly.



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