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Marshall Islands: Country and Foreign Investment

Economy and Currency

The Marshall Islands has a stable business environment; the currency is the US dollar.

Air transportation is facilitated by two international airports, plus airstrips scattered throughout the larger islands. There are twelve deep water docks for large ocean-going ships.

Commercial activities include: fishing, aquaculture farms, copra, and a rapidly expanding tourist trade. Giant clams and sea cucumbers, prized for their meat and shell, are farmed on many islands. Major tourist attractions include the world-class snorkel and scuba diving of submerged World War II wrecks, colorful reefs and exotic fish in clear warm water with visibility over 100 feet.

Growth of 5.2% was recorded in 2010 following the downturn recorded in 2008 and 2009. Unemployment exceeded 36% in 2011. Inflation in 2012 was estimated at 12.9%.



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