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Marshall Islands: Types of Company

Corporate Forms

The Marshall Islands Associations Law, adopted in 1990, is modeled on the corporate laws of the states of Delaware and New York, and was modified to include all the necessary characteristics of an offshore jurisdication, such as bearer shares, facsimile filings, and execution of documents without notary affidavits.

The Associations Law includes the Business Corporations Act, the Revised Partnership Act, the Limited Partnership Act, and the Limited Liability Company Act.

There are no requirements in the Marshall Islands for annual returns or filings, and there is no public register containing the names of directors or shareholders.

In 1990, The Trust Company of the Marshall Islands, Inc. and Marshall Islands Maritime & Corporate Administrators, Inc., affiliates of UScorporation International Registries, Inc. (IRI), entered into a legislatively endorsed joint venture agreement with the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands to administer its maritime and corporate programs.

Incorporation and registration of Marshall Islands non-resident (i.e. offshore) companies or partnerships is carried out through any of the world-wide offices of International Registries, Inc. A Deputy Registrar of Corporations is located at each one of IRI's offices and can issue all necessary corporate documentation.



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